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Point of Sale System: KISSPOS

Point of sale system
Retail POS Software is essential in today’s marketplace. Accurate, real-time information is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Customers expect you to provide them with the best quality goods at the best value. KISSPOS is a touchscreen-friendly point-of-sale software. It is designed to run on standard hardware available in the industry. You may like to try our KISSPOS software before buying. Click Here to download our demo version software.

what Is a point of Sale System

Why KISSPOS Point of Sale Software

1)Easy to use: KISSPOS is a very simple system to operate. Users with little or no computer experience pick up fast.
2)Flexible and Reliability: KISSPOS is a highly flexible, reliable & robust system for retail environments.
3)Smart and Secure: KISSPOS manages all areas relating to your point of sale system quickly and consistently.
4)Profitability: KISSPOS increases revenue by making sales quicker and handling complex requirements professionally, and KISSPOS can be interfaced with security camera systems.


Who can use KISSPOS Point of Sale Software?

KISSPOS Point of Sale Software is suitable for the retail and hospitality segments of the industry.

KISSPOS is certified by Paymark and Verifone for KISSPOS and Vault EftPos integration…

Verifone Paymark