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Why you should use a VPN service: Info for non-tech savvy people

why you should use a vpn: Info for non-tech savvy people.

Why you should use a VPN service in this unsafe world wide web? Simply because being safe there is vital for you and your loved ones.

So many people preach that VPN is a must while browsing the net. But hardly non-IT people understand Why? Even if IT support persons try to make them understand, their explanations filled with heavy technical jargon make things worse. When people don’t understand the importance of VPN, they ignore it.

So what is the solution?

I thought of creating an analogy of the importance of VPN with a real-life scenario. I hope this will clarify the concept of VPN and hence its importance.

-Suppose from tomorrow onwards, the government comes up with a rule that every time you need to interact with someone in the market, you must tell them your address.

-For example, you go to the pub, you tell the bartender, Hey, my address is 10 ABC Street, XYZ suburb, please give me gin and tonic.

-Next, you go to your barber shop and say my address is 10 ABC Street, XYZ suburb, and I need a haircut.

-Will you be comfortable doing it?

-So, my friend, the same happens when you browse the internet.

-When you visit any website like YouTube, your IP address becomes visible, and then you can browse that site.

-Don’t you feel uncomfortable now, especially when AI can do all sorts of things?

-VPN (Virtual Private Network) saves you from this and keeps your connection (and you) secure. (In addition to doing a lot more)

If you want to know what most VPNs can do and what to have a cost-effective and secure VPN service, click the link below:

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